TTA Monthly Meeting



The Tunkhannock Tree Association and Tunkhannock Shade Tree Commission will meet on Nov. 21, 2016 at 7:00 PM in the Tunkhannock Borough Building, 126 Warren Street, Tunkhannock, PA. The planting, pruning, and removal of trees in the Borough tree lawns will be discussed. New members are welcome. The public is invited to attend.



Mother Nature Influences TTA 2015 Arbor Day Event

TTA's dedication to continue the Arbor Day tradition began in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska was evident on April 23rd, a day of cold blustery winds and sleet.



TTA members, joined by Tunkhannock Mayor Norm Ball, Borough Council President Stacy Huber, and Borough Manager Dawn Welch, gathered on the Philadelphia Ave. tree lawn to plant a beautiful Red Pointe Maple.


Mayor Ball proclaimed April 23, 2015 as Arbor Day in Tunkhannock and as well as presenting the Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA Award to Tunkhannock for the 11th consecutive year.


In order to receive the Tree City USA Award annually Tunkhannock must continue to have a (1) tree board or department, (2) tree ordinance, (3) forestry program, and (4) an Arbor Day celebration and proclamation.



The eager faces and hands of the forty-two preschoolers from the Tunkhannock Child Development Center invited to help plant the Arbor Day tree were sadly missed as TTA decided the weather conditions were not favorable for the children.



TTA decided to plant a second Arbor Day Tree on May 28, 2015 with the help of the CDC preschoolers to continue J. Sterling Morton's tradition of educating children about the importance of trees during an Arbor Day Celebration.



The preschoolers shoveled soil into buckets, covered the Red Maple roots with that soil, and then helped water the tree.



Preschoolers who planted the 2015 Arbor Day Tree received orange t-shirts with one tree. The preschoolers who planted both the 2014 and 2015 Arbor Day Trees received yellow t-shirts with two trees.



Like the 1000 children who planted trees during the first Arbor Day in 1872, the CDC preschoolers also made a valuable contribution to the health of the Earth.



Watching the preschoolers leave with smiling faces, TTA predicts the children will return to check on their Arbor Day tree.


Thank you CDC preschoolers and teachers for helping make the TTA 2015 Arbor Day tree planting so special and meaningful.



Welcome! The Tunkhannock Tree Association (TTA) invites you to browse through our web site pages and learn about who we are and what we do as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Our motto "Strong Trees Strong Community" guides our decisions as we care for the Tunkhannock Borough trees, educate children and adults about the best tree management practices, and maintain collaborative relationships with local, state, and federal organizations.

TTA 2015 Fall Bare Root Tree Planting

TTA members planted 13 bare root trees which included new species such as Sugar Cone Maples.



Root barriers were installed during planting to protect future tree root growth from damaging sidewalks.



TTA's Pruning Know-How Reaches More Than Tree Branches


While pruning in the Maple Ave. tree lawns on a beautiful summer day, TTA members were pleasantly surprised when a very interested young man named Steven approached wearing a hard hat and safety glasses. TTA members Bob Robinson, Diane Secor, and Ingrid Rogler gladly explained some basic why's and how's of pruning while demonstrating proper pruning techniques to this eager volunteer who will hopefully some day become a TTA member.



Tree Volunteers In-Training Asked to Think Like Birds

The 2015 "Tree Volunteers In-Training" program was filled with fun activities for the children from the Tunkhannock Child Development Center Summer Program who came to Riverside Park (along the Susquehanna River) on a beautiful August summer day to learn about the importance of trees as habitats for birds. The program's three activities were designed using "Trees Are Birdhouses" as the theme.



For the first activity the children were aksed to "think like birds" and then build a nest using a wide variety of materials (such as twigs, beads, glitter ribbons, etc.). A dish filled with these materials was given to each child along with a blank white canvas. One twig and three eggs (represented by cotton balls) were required but the remaining nest design was totally guided by each child's creativity.



The second activity involved giving the children "Trees Are Birdhouses" t-shirts, tree and bird rubber stamps, and ink stamping pads. Each child selected the ink stamps and colors to design his or her t-shirt.



The children were all eager to get their hands dirty helping with the program's third activity, planting the white oak "Bird Nest Tree." Each child was given a small hand shovel and asked to help fill pots with the dirt and then pour the dirt from the pots around the roots of the tree along with water as TTA members explained how to correctly plant the tree.



Thank you CDC staff and children for helping TTA share the environmentally important message that "Trees Are Birdhouses."


3rd Grade Students Create Bookmarks for TTA "Be A Voice For Trees" Project

Tunkhannock Area School third graders from Linda Hulslander's art classes at the Mill City and Evans Falls elementary schools used their creative thinking and rubber ink stamps to design bookmarks sending the message that "Trees Are Birdhouses."



When given a bookmark, each third grader selected rubber stamps and ink colors that appealed to his or her creative plan.



The results are amazing and very colorfully send the message of the importance of trees as homes for birds.



All 100 bookmarks were placed on display in a Dietrich Theater lobby showcase window for six weeks in Spring, 2015.



After being removed from the theater all the bookmarks were donated to the Tunkhannock Public Library and placed on the library counter with a "Free Bookmark" sign. The patrons loved the bookmarks and all 100 each had a new home after only one and a half days.



Thank you Tunkhannock Area School District third graders and their art teacher Mrs. Linda Hulslander for helping TTA "Be A Voice For Trees."


The Art of Trees

"Bird Nest Art" Canvas


"Trees Are Birdhouses"



"Trees Are Birdhouses" Bookmarks


2015 Arbor Day Coloring Page


Tree Volunteer In-Training Personalized Magnet