TTA 2016 Quilt Fundraiser

TTA was chosen to be the recipient of the Endless Mountains Quiltworks "Airing of the Quilts" Block Challenge fundraising project. Leaves and trees were the design theme for the quilt blocks. Quilt block kits were sold and the individually designed blocks, as well as the money from the sale of the block kits, were donated to TTA.


TTA decided to have the blocks quilted into three quilts. The first quilt "Shades of Color" combines the environmental and artisitic importance of tree leaves. The quilt is a fundraising activity for TTA's "The Art of Trees" Project. TTA member Patrick Robinson made arrangements to list the "Shades of Color" Quilt on e-bay to be sold to the highest bidder.




TTA Fundraising Activities

TTA conducts a donation solicitation newsletter mailing every two years as well as accepting unsolicited donations from individuals, organizations and businesses at any time throughout the year.


TTA Appreciates Your Financial Support

The Tunkhannock Tree Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Any donations made to the TTA are eligible to be a tax deductable expenses.


If you prefer to make a donation by mail rather than using the online option, please send your donation to:

Tunkhannock Tree Association

237 Billings Mill Rd

Tunkhannock, PA 18657

A Memorial Tree can be purchased and planted to honor an individual with a donation of $200.00. Please designate your donation as a Memorial Tree donation and provide the name of the individual the tree is meant to honor.



Biennial Fundraising Donation Newsletter

Every other year TTA mails a two-page donation solicitation newsletter describing its programs and activities to those individuals, businesses, and organizations who support the Tunkhannock Tree Association. The newsletter contains photos and descriptions like the ones displayed below.



                        Street Tree Management



                          Children's Programs



                          Beautification Projects



Click here to view the entire 2017 newsletter.


TTA Yearly Expenses

10-15 Fall Planting Bare Root Trees




Arbor Day Tree & Planting




Children's Educational Programs




Misc. Expenses

tools (if needed), root barriers for fall planting, excavation for fall planting sites, web site hosting & maintenance, TTA beautification area supplies, educational workshop registration fees, computer paper, printer ink, stamps, envelopes, etc.