TTA Monthly Meeting

The Tunkhannock Tree Association and Tunkhannock Shade Tree Commission meet on the third Monday of every month at 7:00 PM in the Tunkhannock Borough Building located at 126 Warren Street. The planting, pruning, and removal of trees in the Borough tree lawns will be discussed. New members are welcome. The public is invited to attend.



2016 Arbor Day Tree Strengthens Community Roots

With great anticipation of helping plant the Arbor Day Tree, the children from the Tunkhannock CDC (Child Development Center) waited respectfully for Mayor Ball to proclaim April 28, 2016 as Arbor Day in Tunkhannock. The beautiful October Glory Red Maple was also being planted to honor the memory of Sid Daniels, a long-time Tunkhannock Borough resident well known for his musical talents.



Mayor Ball also presented TTA with the Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA Award making it the 12th consecutive year Tunkhannock can proudly display the Tree City flag.



In order to receive the Tree City USA Award annually Tunkhannock must continue to have a (1) tree board or department, (2) tree ordinance, (3) forestry program, and (4) an Arbor Day celebration and proclamation.




Time to get our hands dirty planting the tree! The preschoolers shoveled soil into buckets, covered the Red Maple roots with that soil, and helped water the tree under the guidance of TTA members. From their smiling faces, TTA knew the preschoolers were very pleased with the outcome of their tree planting skills.




To honor their contribution to Arbor Day in Tunkhannock, TTA gave a "Where's the Tree Frog?" t-shirt and a coloring page (design and color his or her own tree frog) to each preschooler. TTA members smiled as they watched the preschoolers begin walking back to their classrooms.



Thank you CDC preschoolers and teachers for helping to strengthen Tunkhannock community roots by helping plant a Red Maple as the 2016 Arbor Day Tree and the Sid Daniels Memorial Tree.



Welcome! The Tunkhannock Tree Association (TTA) invites you to browse through our web site pages and learn about who we are and what we do as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Our motto "Strong Trees Strong Community" guides our decisions as we care for the Tunkhannock Borough trees, educate children and adults about the best tree management practices, and maintain collaborative relationships with local, state, and federal organizations.

TTA "Feed Mill Park" Beautification Area

TTA learned their beautification area at the corner of Bridge St. and Harding St. was once the home of the Brown & Fassett Feed Mill.



The feed mill was located on the corner of Bridge St. (building front) and Harding St. (building side) from 1900 to 2000 when it was demolished for the construction of the Tunkhannock Bypass. The above photo of the feed mill was provided to TTA by the Wyoming County Historical Society.


In 2015 TTA voted to name its beautification area "Feed Mill Park" to recognize the economic and historical significance of the mill to Tunkhannock and surrounding communities.


TTA contacted PennDOT who gave permission and installed the post and the "Feed Mill Park" sign located at the top of the post (seen in the photo below). TTA then installed the bottom sign which displays the historical photo of the mill and a brief explanation of its history.



TTA thanks the Wyoming County Historical Society and PennDOT for their help with this project.



Trees Are Role Models

TTA's 2016 "Be A Voice For Trees" Project entitled "Trees Are Role Models" was on display at the Dietrich Theater during May. The project was designed to show how three positive behaviors by trees demonstrate a "never give up" attitude regardless of the challenges.



"Trees Overcome Obstacles" showed tree roots wrapping around a huge rock in Adirondack Park to reach the soil at the base of the rock, a small willow tree trunk bent in half at the base covered with Susquehanna River ice only to straighten in the Spring and sprout its leaves, and young trees thriving from the side of a rock ledge in Colorado.



"Trees Protect Environments" included photos from TTA children's educational activities explaining how trees help protect the Earth's environment and engaging children in the actual planting of trees in locations in the Tunkhannock Borough and along the banks of the Susquehanna River.



"Trees Inspire Creativity" display examples of children's creativity when trees are a major component in educational activities. Children learn to associate trees with honor when ink stamping trees and dog/cat paws on t-shirts and learn trees are necessary habitats for wildlife when creating canvas "bird nest art" using all types of beads, ribbon, etc. and ink stamping trees and birds on t-shirts.


TTA 2016 Pruning & Planting Projects

TTA members accomplished necessary sidewalk and street clearance pruning on numerous Borough streets once the hot dry summer weather had ended. Below Bob Robinson, Patrick Robinson, and Bob Daniels evaluate the branches that need to be removed from the Pin Oak.



Patrick Robinson explains to fellow TTA member Ingrid Rogler the operation of a pole saw.



TTA had a very successful bareroot tree planting event with the help of five Ag students from the Tunkhannock High School.




The student volunteers learn its important to leave the root flare free from soil and mulch so the area where the roots grow from the tree trunk is exposed to the air.



The Art of Trees


"Shades of Color" Quilt Blocks



"Shades of Color" Quilt Label



Bird Nest Art



"Trees Overcome Obstacles" Dietrich Display

Dedication Message to TTA Member Bob Robinson